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Broken Ever After by Natalie Graham

roken Ever After by Natalie Graham is full of twists and surprises. The first half of the book you get to know about Olivia Stevens. Olivia has a crush on her hot math teacher Mr.Matthews(Jamie) for about six years and one faithful day things change when she gets detention. That day the whole course of Olivia’s life changed when Mr. Matthews actually reciprocated back his feelings. what's a girl to do? 
"Did I just dream that? I touched my fingertips to my lips which were still tingling from the feel of Jamie's pressed against them..."
From that day forward they were inseparable. Dealing with the whole teacher and student issue didn't help them at all. when Olivia's Ex boyfriend comes into the picture and wants her back and he will do anything to have her. Things start to get a little crazy and move pretty fast at this point.
The relationship between Olivia and Jamie was sweet and hot. I loved their chemistry it seemed a bit rushed but if you think about it they both had crush on each other so it was bound to happen quickly I would say.
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
“I’m sure”
“ I don't want you to do this as a reaction to what happened tonight; I want you to want to because it means something to you, like it does to me.”
“What does it mean to you?”
“To me... It means that I will be making love to my girlfriend for the first time, sharing that moment with her, showing her how much I...”
“How much I’m in love with her... I love you”
As you get to the middle of the book It felt like I went right into the second book in the series with a whole new set of characters and twists to the story and it got pretty damn interesting as a new sexer and hotter guy who is a PPO named Connor Riley comes into play and grabs Olivia’s interest and did I say mine? To Olivia everything feels different with Connor
“I always thought it sounded stupid when people say that the “earth moved for them” but it actually did. I felt like everything I’d know had been tipped upside down, flipped in reverse and turned inside out. I didn't know which way was up anymore.”
Now doesn't that just make you wonder what happened to Mr. Matthews? The second half of Broken Ever After is truly a good story that will leave you guessing until the end. 
One of a few things that I didn't like was her parents. They aren't ever around and always working. They don’t realize that their daughter is dating a teacher or whatever else is happening in her life. Which I didn't like only because of Olivias dark past. As a parent you protect your child after something so dark and they just weren't there. The other is what happened to her friends? I can’t really say what I want without spoiling it but I’ll say that after what happened. You would think that they would be there.
Broken Ever After was a good story. It had everything from anger, joy,sadness to emotion. But it felt a bit short when it came to bringing it all together. I felt it was a bit rushed at times and lacking in other areas. But it does not in anyway mean that it wasn't enjoyable. It was a bit slow pace in the beginning but through the middle it grabbed my interest until the end. I was left with questions without  answers so I will be reading the next installment of this series. Hopefully it will be a bit more put together and flow better but I'm sure it will still be a great story as Broken Ever After was.
My rating for Broken Ever After by Natalie Graham is a 3 1/2 stars (Good)
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Very Bad Things by Ilsa Madden Mills

Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy) (Volume 1) - Ilsa Madden-Mills
“Behind every beautiful thing is a world of pain.” - Nora Blakely
Very Bad Things by Ilsa Madden Mills is a great lesson on how to not judge others with an amazing love story.
Everything isn't always what it seems. People who may seem perfect from the outside are the most broken at times. Very Bad Things is a great reminder and even a great lesson to some. I was automatically attracted to Very Bad Things when I read the blur, But then came the Cover reveal and the trailer and I was done for. Totally fell in love, I definitely had high hopes and to my amazement it was more than I was expecting. 
Ilsa Madden Mills did an amazing job with Very Bad Things, I was captivated before I knew it. Ilsa is an incredible writer. When an author has you laughing one minute then crying the next thats a pretty good sign that the author is fantastic. So keep an eye out for this special lady. Because I could only see good things coming. 
The build of characters was awesome I fell in love with the main characters.
Nora Blakey, what a strong girl. I was rooting for her the whole time, Even when she was going down the wrong road I still cheered her on. I understood her and felt her pain. The nightmare that she had to live with, no one should. 
“That yellow dress was a very bad idea. It completely washes you out, and I’m surprised my assistant picked it out. She usually has better taste. Please don’t wear that....” She gestured as my outfit, “terrible ensemble again.” She sighed. “ At least you didn't wear those disgusting cowboy boots” -Mother
Having a mother that works as an anchor for Good Morning Dallas and that things popularity and money is more important than family is a hard pill to swallow. Screwing up was not allowed in this family. Nora is nothing more than a doll to her. she dresses her up and parades her around for everyone to see on how perfect she is. Perfect grades,perfect body, perfect manners was all that was allowed. Would you be able to deal with all of this pressure and a dark secret hidden on top of that? Would it drive you to rebel and destroy your life?
“They were all staring at me like I’d lost it. I’d finally stepped off the razor’s edge I’d been walking for years” -Nora
Leo Tate a young gorgeous man with his own hardships to figure out. Losing his parents and becoming his brother Sebastian's proxy at a young age. Can make you forget about your dreams and grew up pretty quickly so that you can support your little brother. Stubborn at times but determined to give his younger brother the best education that he can give. They move from LA to Texas to attend Briarcrest Academy. Leo’s only priorities are his gym, Sebastian and his band. Nothing else not even relationships. He makes it clear that he is not up for an unrealistic notion of everlasting. But things don’t always go as planned sometimes. 
“Nora Blakey was everything I avoided when it came to girls. Her kind expected love and commitments, two things I’d run away from a long time ago” -Leo
“The girl was a forbidden fruit I could never taste” -Leo
The chemistry between Leo and Nora is unbelievable. Some of their scenes were amazingly hot! Every time Leo and Nora got together it was steamy and amazing only to come to a complete stop because Leo’s conflicting feelings. As time goes by it only gets more tense around them, It only get more harder to hold back.
“Fuck, I can’t stop this anymore,” he ground out hoarsely, pulling me against him. He tugged my face up by my hair. “This mouth is all I think about,” he whispered and pressed his lips to mine” -Leo
But Leo’s mind is set and he just keeps pushing and pushing Nora away until he makes a huge mistake. Before he can figure out what he's done it is too late.
“You said you had to let me go. You walked away from me so easily” -Nora
“I’d had enough of him, of his hot and then cold. And him pushing me away couldn't all be about the age difference. Something else was keeping him away. But then, maybe it was all me.” -Nora
The secondary characters of Very Bad Things were also amazing. Sebastian is Leo’s younger brother, but the wiser one. The boy is heart throbbing hot, charming, sarcastic and a comedian. As Nora describes him he is 
“Like a lion, you’re dramatic, obviously, and regally handsome...don’t get a big head about that one. You’re tough and ferocious and protective when someone hurts your loved one, But in the end, underneath all that hissing, you’re still just a big ole pussycat at heart.”
Mila what a beautiful girl with a big heart that loves her best friend Nora. She is caring, compassionate and loving. Even if Nora describes Mila as a bunny that is always scared. Mila is still a wonderful friend that stands up for Nora when she needs her the most.
Now to my wonderful and favorite “Teddy” I love him my heart soften for him, he had me in tears. I couldn't describe Teddy the way Nora did. It was just perfect and fitting for him.
“an elephant, because you’re strong. And like me, you’re what I call quietly watchful which means you study people, but they don’t see it. They focus on the elephant’s large frame, or in your case, they see your autism” 
My heart swells every time I read it, It just made the story even better for me with him in it. I hope to see him again as the series continues. I hope to see them for that matter :)
But the beauty of it all is that they are all a great group of friends. Their love for Nora and Leo is adorable,sweet and charming. They are always there for them even when they take the wrong road or stubborn.
Very Bad Things by Ilsa Madden Mills is truly a dazzling work of fiction and I will recommend it to everyone that is looking for an amazing story about hardship,friendship and love... 
I rate “Very Bad Things” by Ilsa Madden Mills a 5 star all the way.
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